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Hibiscus by Dorothy Platt, mint condition vintage botanical collotype printed in 1950

Hibiscus by Dorothy Platt, mint condition vintage botanical collotype printed in 1950

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Dorothy Platt's 'Hibiscus' is a masterful depiction of vibrant yellow hibiscus blossoms from Honolulu. Printed in 1950 using the Collotype technique, it showcases Platt's botanical expertise. Renowned for her dedication to this genre, Platt brings the exotic charm of Hawaiian hibiscus to life. This mint condition lithograph, measuring 23" tall by 17" wide, is a captivating addition to any art collection. It beautifully captures the allure of the tropics through Platt's meticulous craftsmanship, making 'Hibiscus' a timeless botanical masterpiece that evokes the spirit of Hawaii's floral beauty.

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Just like the majority of our inventory at Pink Flamingos, this listing is vintage and has never been displayed or used. It's from limited, unopened stock sourced directly from the original manufacturer or distributer. As a result, its colors are more vibrant than those typically found in similarly aged prints, leading us to classify it as "new." Curious about new vintage? Read all about it in my blog:

Please note that this listing is for an unframed authentic, genuine old print published in the early-to-mid 20th century using quality paper and inks. It reflects the colors and styles popular in decorative accessories of that era. The patina resulting from any minor discoloration or fading is indicative of its age and contributes to its uniqueness. In order to ensure your purchase lasts a lifetime, please follow this link for care tips.

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What is "New Vintage"?

"New vintage" refers to original, vintage artwork from the early 20th century that has never been purchased, used, or displayed by a consumer. At Pink Flamingos, we offer a remarkable collection of these pristine prints, sourced directly from manufacturers. Unlike other vintage artwork that may have faded or aged over time, our "new vintage" prints retain their vibrant colors and impeccable condition. With their untouched allure, these artworks carry a unique historical value and provide collectors with an opportunity to own a piece of art history that is both rare and exceptionally well-preserved.

Read all about it in my blog: