Collection: 1943 Beautytone Collection

Bridgerton fans, take a look!

The original Offset Lithographs within our 1943 Beautytone Collection were printed in the 1940s. Each print comes with the original background of "The Story of Depression Artists" by Cecilia Terone, a copy of the original 1943 ad and brochure (see below), and a letter of authenticity from Donald Art Company certifying that the stock purchased by Pink Flamingos in the early 1980s was the last remaining of the subject.

 The May Company Beautytone Print 1943 Ad


borin art ad from 1943

As with most of our inventory at Pink Flamingos, these prints are vintage, but never used--part of limited, unopened stock from the original manufacturer. Because of this, they have colors more vibrant than any you would find currently in circulation of the same vintage print, and we categorize it as "new".