Flamingos have long been a family affair...

Welcome to Pink Flamingos, where art, nostalgia, and history converge in a fresh new way. Our story begins with my parents, two visionary collectors who transformed their passion into a business in 1978. As their daughter and the inheritor of their cherished collection, I am delighted to carry on their legacy through Pink Flamingos, LLC.

Our prints provide a portal back to the golden age of early-to-mid-century art. Each item in our collection were sourced by my parents starting in the late 1970s. They found themselves drawn to the vibrant colors, evocative imagery, and impeccable craftsmanship of these timeless pieces. Working in a time before the internet, they tirelessly sought out extraordinary lithographs from renowned artists and collaborated with long-standing printing companies, preserving the beauty of their era for generations to come. My mom researched many of the artists and corresponded with them or their descendants so that—in addition to providing a beautiful piece of art—we could provide our customers with the rich history behind it.

At Pink Flamingos, we have a deep belief in the transformative power of art to captivate, inspire, and connect. Our mission is to reintroduce these original, never-displayed prints to modern audiences, offering an opportunity to experience the same excitement and wonder my parents felt when they first discovered these hidden gems.

What distinguishes our prints is their exceptional quality and rarity. These prints were carefully preserved and kept stored in their original protective packaging for decades. Unlike other options on the market, our prints retain their original vibrancy, ensuring you experience these artworks just as they were meant to be seen. Furthermore, we take pride in being the exclusive authorized retailer for certain prints, having secured the copyrights on a number of subjects.

With each purchase, you acquire not only an exceptional artwork but also become part of a narrative that spans generations. We are dedicated to sharing the extensive research and historical significance compiled by my parents; this is our way of paying homage to the art, the artists, and the legacy that brought us to this point.

Dana Mayes visiting Turner Manufacturing Company, Chicago, 1978

Turner Manufacturing Company shortly before going out of business, Chicago, 1978

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The Sacramento Bee feature article on Pink Flamingos, Inc.

January 12, 1980

playboy ad for pink flamingos

Pink Flamingos in Playboy

My parents were fans of Playboy magazine. Here's their kitschy ad from the early '80s.

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