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Moments of Thanks: Exploring Simple Joys in Frank Palmieri's Art

In honor of Thanksgiving 2023, I am delighted to introduce our collection of rare, limited edition prints by artist Frank Palmieri. Each print within this collection beautifully captures moments of friendship, family, and simple joys that universally evoke deep feelings of gratitude. Take a journey through the compelling works of Frank Palmieri, a distinguished figure in Postwar & Contemporary art. This newly unveiled collection masterfully showcases the artist's talent, capturing timeless moments predominantly in palettes of autumn's warm ochre and olive hues.

frank palmieri signature

Frank Palmieri, a distinguished American Postwar & Contemporary painter, lived in Indialantic, Florida, for the last two decades of his life. Before his Florida residency, Palmieri established an art gallery and studio in Ogunquit, Maine, where he passionately created from 1967 to 1987. His artistic journey took shape at the Art Students League in Manhattan, where he studied under notable teachers, including Reginald Marsh, Ivan Olinsky, Robert Brackman, and Frank Reilly, courtesy of the G.I. Bill.

Exclusively working with oil, Palmieri's landscapes and seascapes graced locations in France, Italy, Mexico, and across the U.S. His accolades included the Robert Lehmann Award in 1963, which facilitated a year of study at the National Academy under Morton Roberts. A life member of esteemed artistic organizations such as the Art Students League in New York, Palmieri's memberships also extended to the Vero Beach Art Club, Salmagundi Club, Allied Artists, National Art League, Brevard Art Center & Museum, Artists Forum in Melbourne, FL, and the Spacecoast Art League in FL.

His dedication to the craft and his widespread recognition in various artistic circles solidified Palmieri's lasting impact on the contemporary art scene until his passing in 2017.

Let's delve into the unique narratives behind each lithograph in our new collection:

boy giving flower by frank palmieri

In "Boy Giving Flower," we witness a moment of simple camaraderie. Outdoors, two friends share a connection as the boy offers a flower to the girl engrossed in her book on a log. The warm tones of yellow ochre in this print beautifully capture the simplicity and warmth of childhood friendships.

boy with sailboat by frank palmieri

Next, "Boy with Sailboat" portrays a poignant scene by a pond's edge. The young boy, focused and barefoot, gently guides a small wooden sailboat through the water. The artist's contemporary style skillfully immortalizes the simplicity of the toy, invoking memories of timeless innocence passed down through generations.

boy on the beach by frank palmieri

A standout in our Palmieri collection, "Boy on the Beach" presents an exceptionally rare piece. Here, a boy plays in the sand under the shade of a sand dune, accompanied by graceful seagulls above. Notably distinct with cool tones of turquoise, a departure from Palmieri's warm palette, this print perfectly captures a moment of simple yet profound joy.

children's duet by frank palmieri

The captivating "Children’s Duet" depicts two children playing acoustic guitars in soft shades of yellow, red, and brown. The yellow patterning beneath them creates the illusion of sitting in sunlight beaming from a window, adding to the charm and warmth of this artwork.

girl arranging flowers by frank palmieri

"Girl Arranging Flowers" tenderly captures a moment of a young girl seated cross-legged on a tile floor, carefully arranging flowers in a vase. The warm color palette of yellow and orange ochre enhances the peaceful ambiance of this artwork.

mother holding baby by frank palmieri

A personal favorite, "Mother and Baby," showcases a timeless moment of a mother affectionately gazing at her baby cradled in her arms. The delicate image captures the baby's small hand curved around its mother's elbow in a tender embrace. Subtle shades of peach, black, and white in this particular stone lithograph emanate a sense of warmth and intimacy.

two girls reading a book by frank palmieri

Concluding with "Two Girls Reading a Book," this limited edition stone lithograph, personally signed in pencil by the artist, reveals a companionable scene. Two girls, one blond and the other a brunette, sit closely on a brick step, engrossed in shared reading. The distinctive warm tones of yellow ochre characterize this authentic limited edition print, reflecting Palmieri's unique style seen across his works.

Our collection, a mix of rare Artist's Proofs and limited serial numbered prints, contains seven unique and complementary scenes by Frank Palmieri. Each of these pieces were produced via stone lithography in limited runs of 200 numbered copies apiece. Printed circa 1970 on watermarked BFK Rives Printmaking paper, each lithograph is personally signed and numbered by the artist in pencil. These prints were purchased by my parents in the late circa 1980 and appear to have never been displayed or framed, amplifying their rarity , vibrant colors, and value.

"a.p." artists proof mark

Before getting into this business I had never heard of artist's proofs, nor did I know that was what the "A.P." in the corner of some of our prints stood for. In my research, I learned that artist's proofs hold a unique and coveted status within the realm of serial lithographs. These proofs, typically marked "A.P." and numbered separately from the main edition, serve as a distinct subset of prints that the artist carefully examines before finalizing the edition. The rarity of artist's proofs lies in their limited availability, often comprising a small percentage of the total prints produced. Artists may use these proofs to assess the quality and nuances of the print, ensuring that the final edition meets their artistic standards. Collectors value artist's proofs for their connection to the artist's creative process and the assurance of a print's exceptional quality. Due to their limited quantity and the artist's direct involvement, artist's proofs stand as sought-after treasures among art enthusiasts and collectors, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the world of serial lithographs.

As Pink Flamingos presents this remarkable collection, we invite art enthusiasts and collectors to immerse themselves in the beauty, rarity, and narratives woven into each lithograph by Frank Palmieri. Take a moment today (even if it's not Thanksgiving) to imagine how the simplicity of easy, joyful moments with friends, your family, or yourself can infuse you with warm feelings of gratitude. Timeless moments such as these are skillfully captured within Palmieri's prints, each a testament to the artist's enduring impact on the contemporary art scene.

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